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A message from the Pastor ...

Did you know that wind instruments (flutes, clarinets, etc.) are much more

complicated than, say, pianos and violins?  That’s hard for me to understand,

since I used to be a  pianist and have also tried (unsuccessfully) to play the

violin.  They all can be complicated!

I read recently, though, that only in the last few years are scientists gradually

unraveling  the melodic mysteries of wind instruments.

While we still don't completely understand the soul of sound, I think we DO know a great

deal about what the human soul in tune with God sounds like.  That really isn’t a mystery

at all.  A soul in tune with God is a praise sound, a thanksgiving sound, a grateful sound.

The Psalmist knew this thousands of years ago.  Psalm 100 says, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth,   Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing."  In Psalm 103, the Psalmist wrote, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless God’s holy name.”

November is traditionally the time of year we think about being thankful.  But someone in tune with the Lord realizes that our hearts need to be thankful each and every day.  The problem is that success and “life going along as usual” bring about amnesia!  We begin to believe that we are responsible for all that we have in this life, and forget that everything is a gift from God - the benefits and blessings, every moment we draw breath, God’s love that is steady as stone, God’s faithfulness that is never-failing.

But we need to remember that gratefulness is not just about words.  In fact, actions speak much louder than words!  Gratefulness means serving God through actions and attitudes, living out our love by loving God and our neighbors.

Whatever we do for the Lord should be a response of gratitude for all that has been given to us personally by our Heavenly Father and for what has been done for us in Christ Jesus.  Then, as we are blessed by God, we fulfill one of our purposes in life by being a blessing to others. 

You have probably already received a letter from me asking you to consider how you can commit - or re-commit - yourself to the life and ministries of our congregation.  It is a time to carefully and prayerfully reflect on ways you can put gratitude to God into action!  While it’s true that your commitment of treasure will help us be good stewards of available resources for the programs of the coming church year, your time and talent are equally important for the continued life and ministry of this historic beacon of God’s love in this community. 

May God bless you as you respond to God’s grace in your life.

~ Pastor Vicky

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