Margate Community Church (MCC) is an interdenominational, community oriented congregation, over 400 people strong and representing more than 11 different denominations.  We are united in God’s love through our shared commitment to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and our neighbors as ourselves.

An Ecumenical Family of Faith

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Sunday Indoor Worship Services

Sanctuary ~ 10:00 am


Please be safe and practice social distancing.

We will remain in contact with daily prayers, Wednesday Messages and Sunday Indoor Worship Services via Facebook, MCC's website and email. We will find a way to pray together. May God bless and protect you.


The Church Office remains open. If you have any immediate needs or know of anyone who has immediate needs, please call Pastor Vicky 908-338-7429 or the church office 609-822-5050.

A message from the Pastor ...

Happy New Year!  I have a question for you:  How happy do you want to be this year?  After living through 2020, I think the answer is a “no-brainer!”

Before our lock-down last March, I was at the bedside of a woman who was very sick and near death.  When I went in, she was facing a window where the sun was shining in.  Through parched lips she said, “Gee, it’s going to be a beautiful day today.”  I was amazed!  Her circumstances were not ones that would make anyone rejoice, but she decided to be joyful anyway.

Is it possible to increase our joy when everything around us is falling apart?  God’s Word clearly says that we can—whatever our circumstances.  We are not merely victims of circumstance, blown about by the storms of life (or virus germs!) and having no choice regarding how we will respond.

In I Peter 3:10, Peter wrote this advice:  “Whoever wants to embrace life and see the day fill up with good, here's what you do: Say nothing evil or hurtful.”  From what that says (and other passages) we can enjoy life no matter what the circumstances may be as long as we know what to do with our words and conversations and what not to do with them. 

The words that we choose to speak in life have a tremendous impact on our level of joy.  Happy words can increase your joy.  Fill your vocabulary with words such as fantastic, beautiful, amazing, appreciate, thank you, wonderful, awesome, great hope, faith and love. 

A friend of mine attended a zoom seminar at Equip and Empower ministries in Australia.  She said the folks who ran it frequently said, “You’re awesome, mate” to the attendees.  She noted that it put smiles on faces.

Perhaps we ought to notice the words that make us happy when people say them to us and start saying them to others.  I believe working cheerful and happy words into conversations instead of complaints and unhappy words (such as angry, give up, fed up, tired, discouraged or depressed) can make a world of difference in our general moods. 

And, by the way, if you feel you need to vent or say negative things in general, the best one to talk to is God.  God can take it all!

Praying that all of you experience good health and happiness in 2021—and that your positive attitudes will lead you there!

~ Pastor Vicky

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