Margate Community Church (MCC) is an interdenominational, community oriented congregation, over 400 people strong and representing more than 11 different denominations.  We are united in God’s love through our shared commitment to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and our neighbors as ourselves.

An Ecumenical Family of Faith

Important Announcement 


In compliance with the state mandate all ...

services, gatherings and events at MCC are postponed until further notice.

Please be safe and practice social distancing so that we can all see each other soon.

We will remain in contact through the use of social media. Please "Like” us on Facebook, where I intend to post messages and perhaps a short sermon in the days ahead. We are also organizing means for the church family to be in contact with each other on a regular basis by telephone during this unfortunate situation. We will find a way to pray together. May God bless and protect you and may God watch between us while we are absent one from the other. 


The Church Office will remain open at the present time. If you have any immediate needs or know of anyone who has immediate needs, please call Pastor Vicky 908-338-7429 or the church office 609-822-5050.



~ Pastor Vicky

A message from the Pastor ...

By the time you receive this publication, Easter will be less than two weeks away.  Spring has already

arrived for us in 2020.  You don't need to look at a calendar - just look around outside at all the

blooming trees and buds ready to burst on flowers and bushes.  Or maybe you can tell by your allergy

sneezes already!

Can you believe it's April already?  Even though we're sequestered in our homes due to this awful

pandemic, time still rushes on.  Birthdays come and go.  Children  still reach milestones.  But

"sure things" have disappeared.  Everything is changed.  (Seems like it happened in a blink of an eye!)  We try to hold on to the things that bring us a sense of comfort and security - but right now it seems so much more difficult - if not impossible.

That is why I love Easter.  Easter gives us the freedom to trust a future we cannot control.

We know that everything changes anyway - but right now we're facing drastic changes.  So here's the Good News - everything may change except God's love.  God's love for each one of us will never change.  Easter guarantees that promise.  God proved HOW much we are loved by being willing to die for us in Jesus.  Easter shows that we can trust in that love because God is stronger than anything life can throw at us - even viruses or even death.  God loves us too much to let anything keep us from experiencing that love forever.

In her book entitled Hope, author Nancy Guthrie tells us to remember Paul's words to the Romans:  "For I am convinced that neither death nor life (not COVID-19, or cancer, or car accidents, or crime, or our current calamity), neither angels nor demons (not evil in the media or crazed psychopaths), neither the present nor the future (not this current crisis or any tragedy that may be in our future), nor any power (not a horrible virus, or a demanding boss, a losing my life savings), nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from  the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Roman 8:38-39).

Easter invites us to trust in God's love and promises so fully that we no longer resist a future we cannot anticipate, plan, or control.  We can leave the future to God, knowing that because of Jesus, we are secure in God's love through comfort and calamity, through this world and the next.

May the joy of Easter remain in  your heart each day and bring you peace.

~ Pastor Vicky

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