Margate Community Church (MCC) is an interdenominational, community oriented congregation, over 400 people strong and representing more than 11 different denominations.  We are united in God’s love through our shared commitment to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and our neighbors as ourselves.

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An Easter message from the Pastor ...

What an improvement a year makes!  Last Easter we were sequestered in our homes.  This year at least some of us feel safe worshipping in person.  Though our usual singing of “alleluias” together won’t happen, we still have beautiful music to listen to, a new bell choir to praise God, and the organ playing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today.”  Praise God for small gradual changes back to the familiar!

We know that this year has been an entire year of difficult change for all of us—and the whole world.  But one thing is certain—the message of Easter stays the same!

That’s why I love Easter.  Easter gives us the freedom to trust a future we cannot control.  Everything may change, but especially at Easter, God invites us to trust his love and promises so fully, that we no longer resist a future we cannot anticipate, plan, or control. 

On that first Easter morning, the family and friends of Jesus certainly found that out.  One moment people were proclaiming that Jesus was their King.  The next thing they know he’d been crucified and murdered and placed in a cold dark tomb.  They felt horror, sorrow, terror and fear on Good Friday. 

But on Sunday morning, that changed to great joy when they realized the truth—that Jesus who had truly died, was truly alive again!  God had raised him from the dead!

The writer G.K. Chesterton said he thought that while Jesus was here on this earth, he sometimes had to restrain himself from smiling, because he knew Christianity's great secret—that the promise of the kingdom of heaven is true, that God has fixed things so that we will never be separated from him, and that Jesus has opened heaven's gates to us. That same Jesus wants his joy to be in us as well (John 15:11).

Even with all that is still going on around us, even with the uncertainty in the world, I hope you will feel joy and deep satisfaction in knowing that Christ is risen.  As Easter people, let’s take that joy into the world.  It’s the heartbeat of our faith.  It’s what makes Easter so special—no matter what. 

May the joy of Easter remain in your heart each day and bring you peace.

~ Pastor Vicky

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